Ella Robertson McKay’s Insights on Activism and Bridging Divides at One Young World

In the era of social media dominance, Ella Robertson McKay, the managing director of One
Young World, offers thought-provoking perspectives on modern activism and the
importance of bridging divides. With a focus on tangible actions rather than
slacktivism, Robertson McKay and One Young World emphasizes the need for real change in today’s world. 

Defined as the practice of superficially showing support for a cause without taking any
substantial steps to effect change, slacktivism has become a prevalent issue in
online activism. Robertson McKay identifies it as one of the three sins of
activism, emphasizing the disconnect between the activism seen on social media
and the actual outcomes in the halls of power. While sharing posts on Instagram
may garner likes and comments, it ultimately lacks the substantial impact
necessary for meaningful change. She challenges individuals to spend their time
actively engaging in the causes they support rather than merely sharing posts. 

Another sin she addresses is the tendency to only work with like-minded individuals. Ella Robertson encourages activists to reach out to those with
opposing viewpoints and to build bridges. By engaging with those who may seem
to be working against them, activists have the opportunity to persuade and
bring about real change. Inclusion and diversity are essential for strong
movements, and Robertson McKay highlights the importance of inviting all voices
into the conversation.

Disruption is an integral part of activism, but Ella Robertson cautions against being disruptive for the sake of attention. She points out that
some movements risk alienating potential allies by resorting to extreme
measures that may distract from the mission. Rather than focusing on
attention-grabbing tactics, she advises activists to prioritize the quieter,
less glamorous work that leads to lasting change. 

Ella Robertson McKay’s insights shed light on the need for substantive action and
collaboration in the world of activism. By moving away from slacktivism,
bridging divides, and considering the consequences of disruption, we can create
a more inclusive and effective approach to tackling the challenges of our time.
As we continue to navigate the complexities of today’s world, it is crucial to
learn from leaders like Robertson McKay, who are committed to making a real
difference for a better future. 

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