Short Glimpse on Ross Cameron’s Success Journey

Ross Cameron is a day trader, financial mentor, and Youtuber best known for transforming $583 into a $10 million profit. He provides trading courses on his YouTube Channel that has over a million subscribers. Ross has a bestselling book titled; How to Day Trade: The Plain Truth.

This book gives him a scoop on what it takes to become a day trader and acquire the necessary knowledge. He is loved by aspiring traders for his honesty and generosity in providing them with in-depth information about trading.

How Ross Cameron Started

He got inspiration in the stock market from stories of his great-great uncle, who made a fortune in the stock market. He saw evidence of the fortune from his wealthy cousins. When Ross was in seventh grade, his school decided to do an interactive semester on the stock market and took them to New York City, which cemented his desire for trading. However, his desire remained dormant for years until he went to high school.

Business leader Ross Cameron began trading in high school, where he opened an Ameritrade account in 20001. He added $1,000 as his first investment in trading. While there were many companies to buy stock from, he chose Pfizer, U.S. Steel, Caterpillar, and ExxonMobil as he was familiar with them. His first investment did not amount to anything but served as a good trading lesson.

The Beginning of His Success

Trading gurú Ross Cameron almost gave up trading but was inspired by a childhood friend who made $1600 from penny stock. The financial mentor later learned to trade, lost $25000, which he got from his father’s liquidated estate, and sold his stuff on Craigslist to keep his trade afloat. His life turned positive in 2017 when he opened a trading account with $583 and traded until it turned into over $10 million in 2021. His life story now serves as an inspiration for prospective traders.